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~008~ Where should she go?

Hello everyone.

[ A small pause. Now, she wants to write a request although she knows that if she wrote anything Kagami is sure to see it, being overly careful with words was never her strong point. Mostly because all the stress she has been under lately, although work wasn’t the cause. ]

Dose anyone have any free time?

[ Since really, being around Kagami is the last thing on her mind. ]

Bastet-san, would you mind if I work a little bit longer? I know I’m still on trial, but maybe a longer shift would be nice.

(ooc: she has just gotten her memory crystal, and would rather stay away from Kagami. Smoke? )

Memory~ ●[OOC]●


~007~ Ouch.

I got hit by a ball! Whoever did that I really don't see the point!

[ Have some rather frustrated taps. ]

Good thing I doged some of them.

~006~ Hmm, what now?

I know this might be a bad time but is anyone up for some sparring?

[ Handwriting neat albeit a little slow as usual. ]

[OOC: For the sake of not confusing you, Snake-mun. This will be after their little encounter with Lisa!Bellflower.]

~005~ Amazing!

[ It's mostly scribbles at the start, things that can't be understood. ]

Why are they so huge

When did this happen

I don't have such big

... Dose anyone else look different?

{OOC: Also. please forgive the fail in comments. I don't know what happened. But, my brother clicked something and... well, the comments kinda disappeared. Please forgive me! I hope it isn't much of a problem. <3}
Has anyone seen Kagami-san?

[ Her writing was extremely messy, rather uncharacteristic for Asuka. ]
Hello again!

I think I’ve finally managed to settle in here, it was hard at first but I think I got the hang of it! Even if that dream is still bothering me. Everyone here has been a big help! But, dose anyone have any good job suggestions? I'm afraid working at that... bar? Didn't work out, sorry Prince-san!

Maybe I can try out in the guard or watch... but who do I talk to? Kagami-san? You don’t mind talking about something latter, right?

Sailormoon! Do you want to go the wilderness with me? We can go shopping, since I don’t really have that much clothes.

[ A long pause, as she doesn’t know what to write. So, instead she will draw a picture, of what appears to be glass, many scattered pieces of glass. There is a long pause, and then she will scribble over it.

Stricked-out=scratched out, but it will still be visible if you turn your head to a side, or if you just have really good eye sight. Oh, and nope~ Asuka over here doesn’t have kitty ears~ ]

Well, other then I suddenly woke up in this adorable outfit. I actually really love it! I managed to find a job, I think I might be very good at anyway. I still haven't talked to the boss, I hope I do well. I'm not giving up yet!

[ A extremely long pause, as her pen travels the page touching it every now and then in circler motions. ]

I think I met someone from my past, he seems familiar he said we probably share a past to. I still can't shake the feeling of him... acting. But he seemed so kind, even kind enough to help me out.

Thank you, Prince-san and Kagami-san. You both were such a big help! Oh, and Juliet-san I made you some cookies! [ She will neglect to mention the fact that she burned the first two batches and apparently even when reading a book for baking she was a bit clumsy. ]

Now... I should probably make breakfast! Since I'm done with the bed! This way I'm a bit taller, too!

{ooc: Back dated to the morning~ She is dressed like a Gijinka of Mesprit; the embodiment of emotion. Oh, and why yes~ the tails do work.}
Hello. Hi?

Asuka here... Nice meeting anyone who is reading this! Did what that guy say true? I never knew there was magical paper in the world! I
wonder if it can do anything else with it, like making drawings come true! That would be really nice.

Oh, and the people here seem nice. B-but, falling on my head when I was… “born” was not a nice way to wake up! And, I had to take a bath for quite sometime to get all the guey stuff out of my hair. It smelled like something edible! …Weird.

But, I guess in a way it was fun! In the that way that you don’t actually have fun while it happens its just fun to remember..

But, I think I would sound silly if I ever say that to someone.
Umm, I guess that is all... [Taps her pen a few times.] Maybe I can draw on this latter! I hope nobody sees it if it turns out bad. That would be really embarrassing!

If only I can remember something.

♥ Dream ♥

A second look

Momo;001 / Normal Genki!
❁Asuka❁ {雛森 桃 (Hinamori Momo) / BLEACH}

A s u k a

The kanji (Chinese character) for Asuka is written with two characters, one meaning "to fly" and the other meaning "bird.". Some say it's derived from "of flying bird." (tobu tori no).

From Japanese 明日 (asu) "tomorrow" and 香 (ka) "smell, perfume".

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